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Wave springs

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Wave spring is an elastic element having a plurality of peaks and valleys is processed on the metal ring. Wave springs Shanghai HEGONG produced include single-layer (open, closed) wave springs and multi-layer wave springs. Single-layer wave springs will be manufactured according to JB/T13296-2017 or JB/T 7590-2005 or HG/T 2479-2003, as well we custom design&manufacture non-standard wave springs. We also design and manufacture multi-layer wave springs according to customer requirements.


According to the application conditions and the state of stress, the geometry and related processing requirements will be determined by our technical engineer with self-developed computer-aided design system.

Common Material

60Si2MnA, 50CrVA, HG-01, HG-02 and various types of stainless steel.

Surface treatment

Blackening, brightening, phosphating,etc.

Document download

JB-T 7590-2005 Wave spring .pdf


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