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DIN6796 Belleville washers

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DIN6796 Belleville washers


DIN6796 Belleville washers be manufactured according to DIN6796, be used for the connection of bolts with medium or high strength and screws. After bolt and screw connection,it has the compensation function for preventing tension loose,wearing and creeping of wear parts,thermal expansion and shrinkage as well as compression of sealing elements.


According to the application conditions and the state of stress, the geometry and related processing requirements will be determined by our technical engineer with self-developed computer-aided design system.

Common Material

60Si2MnA, 50CrVA, HG-01, HG-02 and various types of stainless steel.

Surface treatment

Bright, bluing, phosphating, electroplating, electrophoresis, mechanical galvanizing, Dacromet, and Geomet.


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