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Helical springs

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The helical springs are available in three types: compression springs, tension springs and torsion springs according to the characteristics of the load. It is widely used in various production fields.


The design for the springs of the safety clamp needs to fully consider the force value characteristics, working space, working environment, working period, manufacturing cost and many other factors. It will be optimum to design the spring with the main machine synchronously.
HEGONG SPRING is experienced to design it, can provide a whole set of solution for customer.
Common Material

Spring steel series: carbon steel wire, 50CrV, 60SiMn

Stainless steel series: 07Cr17Ni7Al, 07Cr15Ni7Mo2Al, 301, 304

Nickel base alloy series: GH4145, GH4169, GH4090

Surface treatment

Bright, bluing, phosphating, electroplating, electrophoresis, mechanical galvanizing, Dacromet, etc.


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